June 13, 2011


haha~ Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to post random vagina pictures on here, this is just the name of a new brand launched in 2011 designed by DJ/model Sioux (pronounced vaibuvagina). When I first saw the thighs on Sioux, I immediately thought: I need those ! They look like two enormous tattoos on your legs if you choose to wear the transparent ones, the black ones are pretty amazing too, the logo is just crazy...The star in the middle represents the G-Spot right? Or am I just making perverted interpretations haha. Anyway, let's celebrate the glorification of the vagina!


she's so beautiful

ps: never thought the word "Vagina" will become one of my tags...


  1. I've seen that first pic on tumblr & thought they were actual tattoos on her legs~ that is so awesome that they're tights! ♥

  2. AAHHH VAG CANNOT BE UNSEEN! Hahahaha :) I prefer the clear/nude version, less bold yet more awesome imo xD

  3. Je l'ai pris sur cursor-4u.com :D mais faut modifier le code par contre parce que sinon t'as un immonde ruban publicitaire comme ça --"
    body, a, a:hover {
    cursor: url(http://cur.cursors-4u.net/nature/nat-10/nat920.cur), progress;
    PS : Vaibu Vagina! XD


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