September 21, 2012


So here it is, my very first interview! :) One of my goals for this year is to discover and write about new upcoming/aspiring, extremely talented and creative artists, designers, or performers evolving on the internet who are using different social media platforms and tools in order to eventually get their name known. To open up this new category of my blog, I decided to give my very first interview to young designer/photographer/painter and popular tumblr phenomena Feggy Min! I have been following her on tumblr for ages and I'm absolutely in love with her creations...Enjoy~ 

1. Hello Feggy Min! I have to say, this is my first time interviewing and I don’t know where to start :) But I’ll do my best to get as much valuable and interesting answers about you, your art, your inspirations, your creativity, your aspirations etc…Can you start off by making a small introduction of yourself?

First of all thank you for showing up an interest in my artworks. My name is Feggy Min, born in 1989 in Switzerland and still living there. I suck at describing myself but I guess I am pretty much an open minded and a free spirited person…With a crazy mind! 

2. When and how your interest in art did first started?

For me it is really hard to really tell when it all started. As far as I remember, I was always painting…I guess more then calling it something I do, I think it's just a part of me that was always there from the start, it’s who I am. Even when I am not painting, I am always analyzing things around me. But I really got into it more seriously around the age of 12, I kept drawing every day from that moment on. I started photography around 2008 and earlier this year (2012) I launched my own shirt line. 

3. In a few words, how would you best describe your art?

Strong. Imperfect. Free. I really just do what I want to do, I don’t think much about it. It all comes out naturally. When I start a drawing, it’s also exiting for me to see how it will turn out in the end. Like opening a Christmas present or something haha :)

4. You seem to be very into Japanese and South Korean culture, music and fashion, would you say those cultures definitely inspire you?

Definitely! I get most of my inspiration from there. But I can find inspiration in almost everything.

5. Painting, photography, design and fashion…You seem to be doing different things at the same time, what are your main aspirations for the future?

I think even though I do many different things, at the end of the day they all come together as one. It starts with an idea, I make a sketch, turn it into a painting, turn a painting into a shirt and then organize a photoshoot with my friends, take photos of the shirts and then present my final work. Exactly like the five fingers of a hand working together to reach and grab for something. I can say that my main aspirations are to spread my name around, travel around the world for more inspiration, connect to people through my art and make a living with what I love doing.

6. You recently launched your own T-shit line called W.S.Wtf t-shirt are you planning on expanding it into a bigger/stable business?

I would love to do so! I started with W.S.WTF line just this year in July and people seem to really like it. It’s crazy to see others wearing and loving what I do. It shows me that art is really an universal language and that we don’t really need to use the same alphabet to communicate. I am already working on new t-shirts and only time and the interest of people will tell me to what extent I can expand my t-shirt line.

7. What is most important for you when making Art? What is it that you’re trying to communicate and share through your design and paintings?

To be honest, I am not really an artist who is after giving out a message in everything I do. I think people have already enough stuff to think about in their lives so when it comes to my artwork, it can also just look “cool” and make them feel good. And since my figures are mostly imperfect, I want to show that it’s okay to be different. Just be who you are! But there are also artworks I put more feelings into and with a story behind, especially when talking about my photography. Everyone can relate to it and react to it in different ways. At the end, the most important thing for is me to stay true to myself and to what I do, I don’t want my artwork to smell of money but of passion. I guess more than the outcome, it’s also the process that matters I want to share with people and inspire them. Hard work really pays off and it’s worth it to go after your dreams. JUST DO IT! 

8. Rapper Drunken Tiger, Ambush designer Yoon, Fashion designer Jeremy Scott, singer Kang Nam…You seem to have gained the attention of so many talented and creative people from both Japan and South Korea. You must be feeling very proud! Social media platforms have allowed us to become much closer to our idols, are you hoping to be able to collaborate on a project with one of them in particular?

It’s amazing how social media allows us to connect to people all around the world so fast and get so many feedbacks. Gaining the attraction of people that I respect and that inspire me is really crazy! It sometimes even feels surreal. I am so thankful for every single support I get. I would definetly love to collabrate with them if an opportunity arises! CALL ME JUSEYO haha But hey! There is already a project going on with a legendary Korean artist, but I don’t want to say much about it yet since it’s still in progress but we are getting down with it very soon. It is going to be crazy though!

9. Any final words? :)

I want to thank everyone that keeps supporting Feggy Min. 2012 started crazy and I will work hard until the end, it's going to be crazier. Thank you!!! Stay golden! ~~ 

I'll leave you guys with a few links to visit if you want to see more of FEGGY MIN's artwork or if you want to purchase a unique t-shirt from her W.S.Wtf line!



  1. This was an awesome interview, her artwork was amazing.
    Follow I follow back!!!

  2. what can i say, feggy is just mad talented! i fell in with her artwork the 1st time i saw them. i am always looking forward to seeing new artwork being uploaded. you know i love you right feggy? <333 hehe. keep hustlin' hard; you'll always have my support. thanks for the interview btw! ^__^


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