July 21, 2013

Rachell Khoo

Following my will to interview talented aspiring artists (started up with the gifted Feggy Min), I recently stumbled upon the very talented Rachell Khoo, stylist/designer based in Sydney, and thought to myself this girl definitely needs to be introduced. Her design is a perfect mix of nature, poetry, and chic androgyny. Discover more about her further below :)

1) Hi Rachell, can you start out with a small introduction of yourself? 

Hey, my name is Rachell Khoo and I’m Stylist/Designer based in Sydney, Australia. I’m blessed to be working for Akira Isogawa; a top Australian Fashion Designer. I am also a contributor to Elle Magazine and I have a background of freelancing for various Fashion/Lifestyle magazines as an Editorial Designer. 

2) You seem to be very busy, working on different projects and so on, what is a typical day in your shoes? 

In the daytime I'm usually swamped at the design studio, being involve in production. And my evenings are spent with my family or friends. At night, I'm back in my fashion world, doing freelance editorial designing or fashion illustrating. Most nights, I even dream of garments! (laughs) 

3) How would you describe your own personal style? What would be your signature look? 

My signature look is androgynous chic. I love wearing tight leather pants, oversize silk shirts, neck scarfs that tucks into my shirt, a blazer/jacket on my shoulders, a designer bag, ankle boot heels, rings and of course, my red lipstick. 

"Sea glass collection season Spring/Summer  
Consumer- Female 18-28 - Occasion: Beachfront Party - Fabric: Printed Silk, Organic Cotton - Trimmings: Glass Beads, Cotton Pom-poms - Colors: Shades of Navy blue, Black, White 

The collection is inspired by sea glass, glass that is physically and chemically weathered, found in fresh and salt water. Delicate in structure, yet unexpectedly quirky in its details, makes it individualistic in nature. The fabric used is made for the summer weather comfort, it's breathable and easy for movements and the trimmings sets a mood of intrigued fun. The mood of this collection is fun, delicate and modern."

4) What immediately caught my eyes when I first stumbled upon your Instagram account is the beauty and uniqueness of your watercolour fashion illustrations. Is it the best way for you to capture the essence of your work? 

My watercolour fashion illustrations are an expression of my passion for garments. I believe each garment should tell a story and each detail should matter. 

5) What inspires you the most in the process of your creation? 

The creation of style is my Joie de Vivre. My inspiration comes from the beauty of the simultaneous change of nature with the seasons. When I feel uninspired, I escape to the nature. 

Sea glass II

6) You truly seem to be very inspired by nature what kind of environment inspires you the most? 

All things, flora & fauna. :) 

7) You now work for Akira Isogawa, one of Australian’s top Fashion Designer, his work seems to give significant importance to craftsmanship, elaborated fabrics with rich patterns that echo Eastern influences. How is the work process shared between two (or several) creative minds that work under one name? 

It's like a family, we all contribute the best we can. And I'm learning a lot in this process, that's priceless. 

8) What are you different aspirations for the future? 

I'm currently working on a label, and hopefully we will see it come forth soon. 

9) Any final words? 

Thank you for this interview, it is a real encouragement to me, I really appreciate it Inès. Bisous Xx

Find Rachell Khoo on Tumblr and Instagram 



  1. I loved the interview. I'll check her work, it seems very beautiful :)

  2. Love this interview! And love her work! Thank you for introducing!


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