September 26, 2013


Dear readers,

As announced a month ago, I have finally finished polishing what needed to be polished on this blog. Maybe you haven't noticed at all, but I did a bit of cleaning as well as minimal, yet necessary, changes. I went through a process of optimization to make this blog look a bit more professional and neat, and on the way through, I also wanted to build something quite unique.

As a result, in addition to all the minimal changes, I decided to invest some time in creating a new logo and new layout, so here's a bit of explaining to better understand this fresh new change!

First of all, before anything else, I would like to thank the very talented illustrator and designer Csaba who helped me create this logo. He really invested a lot of his time, by always sending me samples to make sure that he was on the right track. I know I was quite exigent, but he never failed to understand what I wanted :) So again, a big thanks to you. I really don't regret my decision, you were definitely the right person to chose.

Now...the logo! What about it?

The idea behind it came from my interest in Greek mythology and Egyptian ancient art (pyramids, hieroglyphs etc…). I have always been quite amazed by the images of side looking gods and mythical creatures engraved on the gigantic walls of the pyramids or Greek temples. I wanted to have a logo that would look like an Egyptian hieroglyph, something minimal, simple, a bit mystical, and timeless. 

So the main idea was to have a unicorn head looking to the side, inside a reversed triangle. It was important for me to keep these two elements from my previous (and poorly homemade) logo, the unicorn is a creature that has always fascinated me and I've always liked the shape and aesthetics of the triangle.

Again, thanks to Csaba I would have never been able to create something so neat! I do have a lot of ideas and creativity lying inside my head that just needed to be put down on paper in a proper way :) 

The main theme draws its inspiration from Berber script (in reference to my origins). Nothing much changed, I just kept things simple and clear for easy browsing. Black & white is the way to go! The previous had some hints of pink, and don't get me wrong I still love pink! But I wanted something neutral so that the pictures and articles would be more eye catching. 

So far I have been posting so many things at very fast speed (basically everything I found inspirational) making my blog look a bit messy and unstructured. For anything inspirational, I decided to stick to my tumblr. From now on there will definitely be more thinking and reasoning before posting anything on this blog.

I really want Wild Rave to become a true online fashion magazine, I know it's quite ambitious, and I know many of you requested more personal posts, and I will create a special category for that, even thought I'll be mostly concentrating on introducing new trends, new designers and new fashion, and not so much talking about me, myself & I. If you want to have more insight about my life or have look at my outfits and face you should follow me on instagram :) But I'm definitely not putting aside the possibility of writing more personal posts in the future.

In addition to that, I have been doing some interviews, and I discovered that I truly loved playing the role of the interviewer! I will invest more time on this simply because I have felt great satisfaction learning more about people with different backgrounds, professions, passions and talent.

I hope you will still be sticking around :) I find blogging fun, I have been doing it for years now, and it means a lot to me to share my passion for fashion, design, art and aesthetics with anybody that stumbles upon my blog.

Stay golden!

Inès B 



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