March 13, 2013

HELTER SKELTER / へルタースケルター

So after a long time waiting for it, I finally got the chance to watch this movie!

Helter Skelter is a Japanese movie directed by talented fashion photographer Mika Ninagawa and adapted from the mangas of the same name. With Erika Sawajiri portraying the outrageous, narcissistic and worshiped star Lilico that starts to suffer the repercussions of her illicit cosmetic surgeries. After taking a break from acting due to her controversial conduct, Erika Sawajiri has successfully delivered a performance which perfectly embodies the disturbed starlet. From Lilico's cute and innocent moments to her unbelievably psychotic outbursts, she offers us an incredible act, supported by actors such as Kaori Momori as the cold hearted manager and Shinobu Terajima depicting her obeying and reserved assistant. 

Helter Skelter displays incredible artistic cinematography combined with detailed and extravagant design. The fashion throughout the film echoes both Ninagawa's long time experience in fashion and her recognizable eccentric style. 

However, Mika Ninagawa doesn't just provide visual eye candy, as this movie is not all about the glitter and sparks. Throughout the film we are constantly faced with the disturbing and pathological side of beauty and the modeling industry. Ninagawa brings to light the darker side of beauty and the Japanese entertainment industry where idols come and go, are easily replaced and struggle for eternal success. 

If you have the chance to watch this movie, I say go for it, I would also recommend you to read the mangas by Kyoko Okazaki to have a better understanding of the movie. 

I have always been a very big fan of Erika Sawajiri and I have to add that her beauty is breath taking in the movie :)


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  1. I watched this a few days ago and it had such an impact on me. I was so upset and angry when watching certain scenes that just proves to me that Ninagawa was successful in creating a movie that made people pay attention.



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