March 23, 2015


This time around I decided to create 3 outfits avoiding using the color black and including a piece I think is perfect for the spring/summer time: The Bomber Jacket. Don't get me wrong, I do love black, I live for black! But the problem is that my whole wardrobe is in that color, and I lately wanted a bit of change and I really wished that my wardrobe had a bit more variety.

I've never been into wearing bright colors, but I'm all in for a more subtle neutral palette such as white/grey, pastel colors, brown/beige and dark blue to remain in a dark yet colorful nuance. Let me know which outfit you like the most!



  1. Au début mon préféré était le premier ensemble mais j'avoue que le vert ça donne pas mal du tout, alors que c'est la couleur que je porte le moins!

  2. I really like all of them, but the third one is probably my favorite because of the mint color ! ^~^

  3. the second one, totally the second!


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