June 4, 2018


I'm back with a review! I know, I know...It's been a whole YEAR since I last published an article about these brushes. I also remember promising a second part review for the rest of the brushes...Well that didn't really follow through did it...My apologies.

I can't believe I haven't been blogging since then...Loads of stuff happened in the meantime and I'm now at a point in my life where I want to be doing more of what I like. I've been blogging since the age of 14, and back then I was dedicated to posting and writing something everyday. That brought so much joy and purpose to my life.

Fast forward to now, I'm 26 and I want to give a fair shot at regularly blogging again. Blogging has always been my favorite hobby and I want to bring back that sense of dedication and purpose to it. And most importantly, I want to write about the things I love and share it with you guys.

So that was the "what had happened was" section. Now let's get into the review!

Last time I reviewed 3 face brushes from Tom Ford, this time I will be reviewing 4 eyeshadow brushes and 2 extra face brushes. Meaning that I acquired almost all the brushes from the brand! For an overall introduction of the brushes, I would highly recommend reading my first review.



+ The shadow/concealer brush #03 + retails at 495DKK/63$ +  To be honest, I prefer using a beauty blender to blend my concealer as I have a preference for concealers with a thicker consistency and the Beauty Blender is the perfect tool for that. So I exclusively use this brush for color correcting or cleaning up the edges of my brows and sharpening my eyeshadow.

For instance, I love it to apply my Becca Blacklight color corrector in the shade Papaya because it picks up the perfect amount of product for a nice build up and precise application (which is super important when color correcting).

The shape of the brush is also great to achieve cut creases. Overall it's a great brush for precise application of concealer because it's flat, sharp and tapered.

+ The eyeshadow brush #11 + retails at 470DKK/57$ + Perfect to apply eyeshadow all over the lid. This brush works best with matte eyeshadows. For shimmery shades, I would usually recommend a brush with synthetic hairs or to simply use your fingers for intense pigmentation.

However, this brush still does a very good job at picking up all types of powder eyeshadows very well. Again, like all TF brushes it's ultra soft but compact enough for a nice color build up.

+ The eyeshadow blend brush #13 + retails at 470DKK/57$ + My favorite eye brush of the bunch! It's so soft and blends eyeshadows like a dream. It's fluffy but tapered enough to concentrate the product in the crease. This brush can also be used as a highlighting brush! It's big enough to perfectly fit the upper part of the cheekbones.

+ The eyeshadow contour brush #12 + retails at 470DKK/57$ + To be honest I almost never use this brush for my eyes. I actually purchased this brush by mistake *yikes*. I was initially looking for the eyeshadow blend brush but somehow the sales assistant at the Tom Ford counter believed this is what I was looking for so I ended up buying this brush without double checking the box.

The shape and the stiffness, however, makes it perfect to contour the nose, highlight the brow bone and my nose bridge so I ended up keeping it anyways.


+ The cream foundation brush #02 + retails at 620DKK/73$ + This is hands down my favorite foundation brush of all time! If it wasn't this expensive, I would have probably purchased 3 more of them (I'm honestly planning to do that in the future). This brush blends any of my liquid foundations super fast and makes my skin look flawless with zero streak marks. I always get complimented on my complexation whenever I use this brush.

The bristles are so soft which is very important for me because synthetic foundation brushes tend to make me break out (with a few exceptions of course). The size is also perfect for my small face and fits every corners.

I've also noticed how this brush still looks the same after a year of using it and washing it and it's still as white as the first time I purchased it. It did shed a few times at the beginning since it's made with natural hair. However, the shedding has completely stopped after a few use. If there's any brushes to purchase from Tom Ford, I would say this one would be the best investment.

+ The shade & illuminate brush #04 + retails at 610Dkk/73$ +  A bit of a WTF brush when I initially bought it, as I didn't find much use for it at the beginning. Don't ask me why I went ahead and purchased it, my addiction for TF brushes was simply strong and irrational! However it came in very handy once I purchased my very first contour sticks and cream highlighters. It blends cream products very fast and seamlessly with no streak marks or patchiness. Perfect for cream products!

+ Final thoughts + 

And voilà! I finally finished reviewing all the Tom Ford brushes I own. I hope you enjoyed this review and found it very helpful. Maybe it was a good thing I waited a year before posting this second review as I got to really test out the brushes during a longer period of time.

I can without a doubt affirm that these brushes are high quality, sturdy and still performing the same as the first day. They are a great investment if you're looking for brushes that will last you for years and years. However, the price point is quite high for many, so I'm planning on writing a post about my favorite affordable brushes!


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