This is my F.A.Q  ! I'll respond to the most frequently asked questions over here when there will be more of them as they come along. I'm starting with a few, so if you have other questions feel free to ask.

What do you use to edit your pictures?

- Photoshop and some mobile apps too like VSCO cam

What camera are you using?

- I use a Canon EOS 60 D

Why is your blog called Wild Rave?

I first wanted to call my blog "WILD & FREE", but this name was unfortunately already taken, I decided to keep the word "wild" and add something else to it, a short word with only 4 letters so that it could fit my header. I came across the word "Rave" and something at the bottom of all the definitions caught my eyes: [Middle English raven, from Old North French r a v e r, variant of resver, to dream, wander, rave.] I've always defined myself as a dreamer so I immediately decided to keep this word. The main definition of the word rave is "delirium" this also prompted me to pick it. Wild dreamer/delirium that's the main meaning behind the name of this personal blog which focuses on Fashion, Beauty, Art, and Music.


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    1. Thanks for your question! I do have a snapchat but it's private for now :) You can follow me on Instagram instead I post a lot of my stories there @wildrave



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