January 25, 2017



Happy belated New Year! One of my resolutions for 2017 is to take care of my health. 2015 and 2016 left me exhausted and damaged so I decided to start taking care of my skin, diet and body a little bit more. Knowing your skin and what works on it might take some time, but online reviews and articles have made it so much easier for everyone in search of their holy grail beauty products. So without further do, here's my 10-step Korean skin care routine!

My routine currently includes 8 steps. I haven't included the exfoliating cream and essence as I haven't found great ones yet (feel free to share if you have any recommendations). But I will make sure to update this article as soon as I find something satisfactory.

My skin type

I have oily acne-prone skin, which means that I have excess sebum, and have occasional break outs. I'm also blemish-prone and since I'm a North African girl living in Scandinavia, my skin is also terribly in need of glow! Here's a breakdown of what I'm currently using:

Banila co Clean it Zero 

This is just what I needed to take off my makeup. All other previous makeup removers were not as efficient at removing all the makeup but were also very harsh on my skin. This leaves my face soft, bright and smooth! This lovely pink jar is the classic version and there are other available version for all skin types.

Peter Thomas Roth - Rose Stem Cell Cleanser

I was attracted to the amazing list of rose stem cells that are included in this cleanser. The formula helps improve signs of fine lines, wrinkles and skin texture while it cleanses the skin of impurities and dead skin cells. It leaves my skin with a fresh and clean rose glow.

Shiseido Pureness Balancing Softener

I used this as a toner to nourish my skin after cleansing it. It leaves a pleasant fresh tickling feeling but also helps improve the texture of my skin.

About me - Massage cream

This is the final step in my cleansing routine before I go into hydrating my skin. I gently massage my face with this cream, once it turns into oil I leave it for 2-3 minutes before whipping it off with a cotton pad and washing my face with water. This tones up my face and really go into my pores and purifies my skin (you can literally see the toxines left on the cotton pad after whipping the cream off!) It has a wonderful lemon scent and leaves my skin firm, soft, glowing and hydrated.

Dr. Jart+ Sheet mask

I try to use a sheet mask every night but I'm guilty of sometimes being too lazy and skipping this step. It really does make a difference as it makes my face brighter and amazingly hydrated. I especially like Dr Jart+ Brighting solution as it gives back glow to my dull skin that's in desperate need of sun!

Shiseido - Pureness gel cream

If you have oily skin type you should always aim for moisturizing gel creams as they are much lighter on the skin and don't clog your pores. You might think that because you have oily skin you don't need a moisturizing cream but if you leave it dehydrated it will end up drying up and producing excess sebum in return! It's all about finding a good balance. I highly recommend the pureness line from Shiseido if you have oily skin type.

Shiseido - White Lucent Anti-dark circle Eye Cream

If I could change anything about myself it would be my dark circles! I've always had terrible panda eye rings and sadly they ain't cute. My dark circles are hereditary, I got them from my mom who got them from her mom. There's no efficient treatment so far that can totally eliminate dark circles, they can only be reduced. This cream has worked extremely well for that purpose! I didn't have high expectations and even thought I still have visible dark circles, they have significantly diminished. Even my mom and sister have noticed a difference which made me really happy. Do I still look like a person who needs a little nap? Yes. Do I look like someone who's DESPERATELY in need of sleep? Not anymore. The jar is small but a little goes a long way.

Heimish - Artless glow base 

I use this as a SPF and face primer before applying my makeup or even when I'm not wearing any makeup at all. It gives my skin an amazing ethereal glow by reflecting the light and gives amazing protection. The ozone layer is worryingly depleting and your body and face needs shielding from harmful rays. Sunscreen slows down the development of wrinkled, blemishing aging skin and it's important to include in your beauty regiment. The Heimish art glow base is incredibly light weight and doesn't feel heavy or sticky after application.


December 20, 2016


Han Sung Min by Shin Say Byuk for Postlude Lookbook.
 Han Sung Min par Shin Say Byuk pour le Lookbook de Postlude.

December 19, 2016


1. skirt/jupe: Courrèges - 2. bag/sac: Edie Parker - 3. earrings/boucle d'oreille: Jamie Joseph - 4. shoes/chaussures: Nicholas Kirkwood - 5. top/haut: Ellery

I recently celebrated my 25th birthday, a little turning point in my life which I was really looking forward to since 25 is my favorite number. A quarter of a century surprisingly makes me feel more confident while ironically still makes me want to keep my child-like side.

Here is a little selection of statement pieces from some of my favorite brands at the moment, that don't over shadow each other, and when put together give a good harmony.

En ce moment je me sens d'humeur très féminine et ça se ressent dans mes tenues. J'ai récemment fêté mes 25 ans, un petit tournant dans ma vie que j'attendais avec impatience vu que le 25 est mon nombre fétiche. Avoir un quart de siècle me fait sentir plus sûre de moi même, même si paradoxalement cela me fait encore plus envie de garder mon côté femme/enfant. 

Voici donc ma petite sélection pour vous, des pièces fortes qui ne se font pas de l'ombre, issues de mes marques préférées du moment, et qui mises ensemble donne une belle harmonie. 


April 18, 2016


I'm coming back soon guys!

I'm doing some revamping to the website. I also put on private most of the blog posts for a fresh new start, some articles are a bit outdated and need a serious makeover to fit the new layout.

Starting back next month.

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